Some of Our Achievements

Mrs. Nirmal

Lost 19 kgs. In 2 months
Relief from Migrain, Cervical & pain in limbs


My dedication, devotion, dreams and desire to do something innovative for human race gave me remarkable appreciation and recognition in the city, Mrs. Neelam Verma, my wife, who was herself a patient of migraine and obesity few years back, had not only cured all her problems but also successfully reduced 19 Kgs. Weight within 2 months. Undeniably, she has fully supported me in all respects in upgrading this work to the success level that I have reached today.

In the year 1999, I realized that this art of serving humanity should be wide spread among people throughout the world. Thus my first step towards this was handing over the charge of my initial branch to my frist Cousin Mr. Shalendra Verma after giving him proper training and my second step was of opening my next branch in Jaipur in Bani Park after giving it a deep thought.


Aditya’s PULSE Health Care and Cure is a total health care centre which caters to the complete physical, mental and emotional well being of yours. We are trained by Reebok University of experts which are determined to give a healthy and fit life to the masses of all ages from 9 to 99 years. At Aditya’s PULSE Health Care and Cure, we provides expert guidance and encouraging ambiance through proper gadgets and gym equipments to deliver the best results to our clients. Aditya’s PULSE Health Care and Cure is neither a gym, nor a slimming centre. The modus operandi is to treat the medical problems and provide total fitness through variety of exercises for different problems and proper diet management.

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