Our Ten Point Programmes

Supervision by Registered

Reebok fitness consultant and group instructor, Aditya’s PULSE Health Care and Cure and run under the guidance and supervision of gives his expert guidance and instructions which his expert team further follows for each and every member.


Aerobics is not only helpful in reducing excess weight but is also helpful in improving cardiovascular fitness and toning up the whole body. Every center has an expert team of instructors which has specially been trained to instruct the workout to every member according to their individual requirement keeping in mind their medical problems, age as well as their body shape.

Stretching Exercises:

Streatching exercises have many benefits besides toning up the body. They develop body stamina, strengthen muscles, joints & ligaments. All the streatching exercises are very useful to maintain the flexibility of the skin, which tends to loosen after reducing weight. They are also helpful in treating many gastric problems and in relieving stress.

Fitness Equipemtns:

Latest & High-Tech equipments i.e. exerbikes, treadmills, Steppers, Rowing machines, Fat-Burners, Sliders and Gym Equipments are used for cardiovascular fitness, toning and strengthening of different body parts and to acquire desired shape.

Diet Managemdent:

Diet management does not mean dieting for keeping one on starvation nor it means providing food supplements or synthetic food to any one. It basically means providing a balanced diet to each and every member. An individual diet schedule is planned by Mr. Dharmendraa Kumar (Reg. Reebok fitness Consultant & group Instructor and Dietician) keeping in mind the individual’s body requirements on the grounds of his medical problems as well as his daily routine and nature of job.

Muscle Stimulator:

The concept of muscle stimulator and physical workout is quite similar. This is a device through which there occurs a contraction and relaxation in muscles of a specific body part due to which B.M.R. increases and as a result the fat deposited in that particular part is converted into calories and is burnt out. Hence it is very helpful in spot reduction.

Deep heat therapy:

This therapy works in three ways. Firstly it gives a complete relaxation to the body after physical workout and makes you feel fresh and energetic once again. Secondly it prevents as well as curses stiffness and pain. Thirdly, when external heat is given our body tends to maintain the normal body temperature as a result our B.M.R. increases and ultimately the deposited fat gets converted into calories, which is burnt out. In this way it also helps in reducing excess fat.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nervs Stemulator):

It helps in alleviating pain by increasing one’s tolerance power. The tens may activate the release of endorphin chemicals in the control system used by the body to suppress pain naturally.

Health & Fitness maintenance:

Twenty minutes workout of a variety of simple and light exercises can burn 200 calories, which is equivalent to one-hour brisk walking. Through these techniques, one can not only save time but also acquire a healthy body and desired shape and figure. We teach variety of exercises to our clients according to their needs.

Pace of Exercise:

In our workout plans, the pace of exercises is such that a person either feels exerted nor feels starved immediately after the workout, as the body gradually burns the extra calories.

Special Note

Our concept and mode of treatment is ABSOLUTELY NATURAL AND SAFE.

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